Being in a support group in my native language with people that are going through this illness has been invaluable to me and the classes have been very helpful. I have recommended it to other patients.

Elsa Martin, Ovarian Cancer, November 2020

CSC’s programs have been very helpful to me in dealing with the anxiety and stress associated with having cancer. I wish I had known about the program when I was first diagnosed in 2020, but I’m glad I found out about it.

Glynn Chestnut, Ovarian Cancer, August 2020

I am glad to attend workshops. It helps me to reduce stress and be able to communicate with people with the same symptoms, and I am also an active volunteer with CSC’s Spanish community.

Jose Pepe Bernal

I just joined CSC, and I couldn’t believe that this wonderful organization existed! I heard a great talk on fatigue and neuropathy, and I look forward to groups and individual counseling to help me process this experience.

CSC Participant

I started in August when I lost my childhood friend to Breast cancer. She passed in April of 2021 and I started in August of 2021. It was such a relief for me to find this amazing group, I needed someone to talk to about my loss. CSC was there.

Ernestine Ramos

I was at very low point in my life when I starting coming to CSC. But it changed my world.

Sharon Johnstone, Stage IV Blood Cancer

I was feeling lonely and neglected until my friends introduced me to this organization. Now I have friends I can turn to for help. My life is busy with exercises, workshop lectures, and fun times.
Thank you CSC for your great programs.

Seta Anouchian

Return to Wellness was a very worthwhile program. I made friends in addition to all the great visiting lectures. Yoga and strength training were pivotal in bringing more movement back into my life.

CSC Participant

Thanks to CSC, I am be able to understand more about options in cancer treatments, ease my emotions and find empathy on how I feel.

Isabel Ramirez

The education and help that the CSC provided me at the time of my cancer recurrence were invaluable. I gained emotional strength to become hopeful about a positive outcome and more education to be more proactive in my treatment.

Laura F., Urethral Cancer Stage IV, Oct 2014

This is my second go round with cancer, and my second time as a participant/patient. The support groups have been a way of grounding me, and putting my cancer in perspective. The groups have calmed me, and allowed me to share in a safe environment.

Craig Pettigrew, Stomach/Esophageal Cancer – 6/2021

CSC has been an invaluable resource for me. It’s help me to deal with a very scary situation (Stage 4 diagnosis of spouse). Learning ways to be more resilient and feeling the support of others has made all the difference for me. I can’t imagine doing this alone. Thank you so much!!

Mary Nolte