The Power of Art

Research has shown that creating art has many benefits, including promoting healing and improved cognition and mood. Studies have shown that art can benefit those at all phases of life and help those struggling with conditions such as dementia, anxiety, depression, and even cancer. The ability to create art remains even when speech and language ability diminishes. One does not need to be skilled or talented to obtain the beneficial effects of creating art. Rather, it is the creative process itself where the benefit lies.  

The Benefits

Healing: promotes mental, emotional, and physical healing and increases resilience; promotes overall well-being

Cognition: improves memory and reasoning; lowers the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment in older adults

Mood: provides a way to express emotion and feelings (especially through difficult times); can help put the mind at peace, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress; creates a sense of accomplishment, boosts self-esteem, and promotes social inclusion

How to Benefit

Take a class or experiment your own with different creative mediums. The Cancer Support Community Pasaadena offers a variety of artistic and creative classes, including watercolor, beading, journaling, knitting, and photography. See our program calendar page for details.


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