What’s Cooking, CSC?

Nutrition workshops are among the most popular classes offered at Cancer Support Community Greater San Gabriel Valley. At CSC, we strive to offer programs that are “patient active,” meaning that individuals feel empowered to take control of aspects of their lifestyle. While many factors associated with a cancer diagnosis are outside of human control, things like diet, exercise, and mental health can be improved with education and applicable tools. Our nutrition classes at CSC aim to provide information that can be reasonably applied to everyday grocery shopping and cooking.

Long time CSC volunteer Pam Braun has recently taken our nutrition workshops a step further by introducing a 4 part cooking series to the CSC calendar. For Pam, volunteering at CSC brings great joy but is also personal, having gone through her own cancer experience almost 15 years ago. She also brings with her a wealth of cooking experience as she has worked as a chef, restaurant owner, and cookbook author (check out her book The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook). For years, Pam has offered a no-nonsense, informative, and creative approach to a plethora of nutrition workshops at CSC (and she always comes in with delicious samples in tow). About a year ago, Pam generously offered to apply the information she presented in her previous workshops by facilitating a 4 part cooking class.

CSC has now offered two cooking series under Pam’s direction. Along with presenting healthy alternatives to cooking classics, reviewing ingredient lists, and suggesting grocery staples, Pam and her class members cook a feast in each session! One would think that the fragrant stews, salads, pizzas, pies, and soups took hours upon hours to prep, but Pam shows her students that healthy recipes can be relatively easy. One of her famous soup recipes consists of boiling vegetables and simply pureeing them with broth in a blender. Pam demonstrates that the road to healthier eating need not be restrictive, expensive, or time-consuming.

While Pam has presented on the ease of maintaining a healthy homemade diet, we know that Pam put hours of planning, prepping, and cooking into this cooking series. CSC is grateful for Pam for her years of volunteerism, tireless efforts at continually offering new information and flavors to the CSC kitchen, and for infusing our office with the wonderful aroma of homemade cooking.

Pam will be facilitating a “Healthy Holiday Cooking” workshop on November 13 from 6 – 8 pm. Please call us at (626) 796-1083 if you would like to attend!